Historic Goreme National Park – Turkey

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Gerome national park is located in central Anatolia – Turkey is a spectacular landscape. The Landscape has resulted naturally as a result of erosion and dates back to 4th Century. This interests most of the tourists. The rock-hewn sanctuaries of Goreme Valley and its nearby areas illustrates the unique Byzantine art (post-iconoclastic period).The remains from […]

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Five Fabulous Attractions in the World

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We are living in a beautiful world indeed. The earth is a beautiful natural collage with lots of phenomenon creatures, amazing features and spectacular scenery that seems to be almost out of this world .These ranges from majestic mountains to mysterious caves and beautiful island as well as jaw dropping water falls, colourful landscapes to […]

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The Raja Ampat Islands – Indonesia

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The Raja Ampat Islands are a truly lovely paradise which is located off the northwest tip of of New Guinea, in Indonesia’s West Papua province. Raja Ampat which means ‘the Four Kings’, is an archipelago made up of over 1,500 small islands. This lonely Raja Ampat Islands is a wonder that is naturally originated with […]

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Fairy-tale Forest House – Netherland

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Forest House This Fairy Tale Forest situated in Efteling Theme Park, Dutch (Netherland) has different types of beautiful scenes. Indoor with a commentary telling the tale; buildings too small to enter, but can be viewed by visitors through the windows. Open-air charms such as the fountain for the Frog Prince are one of the attractions. […]

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Crescent Lake (Spring in Gobi Desert) – China

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Yueyaquan (Chinese: 月牙泉) is a crescent-shaped lake located in an Oasis which is around six kms south of the city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, China. Yueyaquan was given in the Qing Dynasty. Mildred Cable & Francesca French visited the lake during their tour in this region and recorded their impresses in their book The […]

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Mystic Thornewood Castle – US

Oct 26, 2014 No Comments by

This romantic Thornewood Castle located in Lakewood area of Washington, United States. This superb three story mansion home was built by Chester Thorne, one of the creators of the Port of Tacoma. The castle took almost four years to complete, the 27,000 square foot mansion was finally completed in 1911. The art and sheer magnitude […]

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Best Casinos to Visit When Travelling the USA

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There are many different casinos in a wide range of sizes found across the United States. Some are owned by large corporations while others are run by Native American tribes due to special legal agreements. With this wide selection available, it is a good idea to know which casinos are ideal to visit while on […]

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Huge Devetashka Cave – Bulgaria

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This Massive Devetashka Cave is located in the northwest side of Lovech in Bulgaria. It is a massive attractive cave. It has two galleries, 11 lakes and 14 springs. You can find lovely stalactites and pillars, rivulets, majestic natural domes and arches.  The entry fee is BGN 2 (1 EUR) and there are some discounts […]

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