The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum – San José (Costa Rica)

May 20, 2015 No Comments by

Gold is an element known to humanity for its worth from ages. One such museum that exhibits gold items dated back to 500 AD is the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum located in San José, Costa Rica. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is located near Plaza de La Cultura and is under the supervision of Banco Central de […]

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Waterloo City – Ontario (Canada)

May 19, 2015 No Comments by

Waterloo city, built near the site where the famous battle of Waterloo was fought is a city in Southern Ontario, Canada. The settlement for the land of Waterloo was incorporated with the Iroquois alliance made by the League of Six Nations. Waterloo is the smallest of the three cities included in the Regional Municipality of […]

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Metropol Parasol – Seville (Spain)

May 18, 2015 No Comments by

Metropol Parasol epitomizing modern architecture stands high in the surroundings of traditional Spanish buildings of La Encarnación square. Metropol Parasol is also called Setas of Seville and Las Setas de la Encarnación (Incarnación’s mushrooms). Metropol Parsol said to be the largest wooden structure of the world reflects the iconic image of the modern Seville, Spain. […]

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Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia (Southeast Europe)

May 17, 2015 No Comments by

A few places in earth can dazzle you with their natural beauty and perfection, Plitvice Lake National Park is one amongst those places. The oldest and largest national park is located in hilly Karst area of Croatia, Southeast Europe. The precise location of the park falls in the locale which includes border of Bosnia and […]

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Maria Luisa Park – Seville (Spain)

May 16, 2015 No Comments by

A gift of Infanta Luisa Fernanda, Duchess of Montpensier to the people of Seville, Maria Lusia Park is a beautiful place to sit quietly and listen to the humming of birds and the faint clip clop of the horse carriages. Today it is a vast park with hundreds of visitors those stroll around and relax […]

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Vasa Museum – Stockholm (Sweden)

May 14, 2015 No Comments by

The warship, whose maiden voyage never came to an end, one of the grand ships of its time, Vasa is today a heritage museum that gives you the opportunity to look into the culture and sculptures of seventeenth century. The impressive Vasa Museum is a popular attraction of Stockholm located near Djurgarden in Sweden. The […]

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The Old City Stockholm – Sweden

May 13, 2015 No Comments by

A famous quote by Anais Nin goes as, “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” The quote fits well for the city of Stockholm which has a history that dates back to the Stone Age, sixth millennium BC. The city was founded by Birger Jari, an honored Swedish […]

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Florida (Unites States of America)

May 12, 2015 No Comments by

The Harry Potter has been known to world after the most-selling series of fancy novels by J. K. Rowling in 1997. The next big thing that introduced Harry Potter worldwide was its cinematic presence in 2001 with the Title “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, which was a blockbuster followed by sequels. The popularity of […]

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