King Fahd International Airport – Dammam (Saudi Arabia)

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King Fahd International Airport is the largest airport in terms of the land it covers as mentioned in Guinness Book of World Record. Airports have always been a mega project for all the countries as they are the connecting chords of International relations. The Saudi Government has invested on a land mass of 780 square […]

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Ice Hotel – Quebec (Canada)

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Ice Hotel another name for Hotel de Glace, located in the vicinity of Quebec, Canada, is a marvellous hotel all carved out of snow. The Hotel is created on the site of Charlesbourg with the help of 50 to 60 workers every year starting from December. The time span of building, designing and crafting takes […]

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Kansai International Airport – Osaka (Japan)

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Kansai International Airport is said to be so gargantuan that it can be seen from space. Kansai International Airport is one of the most challenging projects for the human mind as the location was unusual and diverges from the ideal requirements e.g. spacious flat ground, favourable wind and great visibility. On the other hand the […]

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The Land of Waterfalls – Iceland

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Iceland, a small island country with north Atlantic climate is also known as “Land of Waterfalls”. The climate results in recurring rain and snow fall. The huge glaciers melt away in summers channelling water into many rivers. Iceland is located near the Arctic region. Some of the most prominent waterfalls of Iceland are Dettifoss, Selfoss, […]

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Topkapi Palace – Istanbul (Turkey)

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The amazing Topkapi Palace (Cannon Gate Palace), the residing place of Ottoman Sultans for 400 years (1465-1856) is today’s major tourist attraction in Istanbul (Turkey). Formerly in Ottoman Empire the place was used for official and royal entertainments. At first it was called New Palace (Yeni Saray). Later on it the palace was called Topkapi […]

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Delightful Lavender Fields – United Kingdom

Jan 23, 2015 No Comments by

The Lavender Fields of UK are majestic with innumerable species of lavender plants giving a colourful amazing view to the scenery. The blooming tie of lavenders starts from late June to August highly depending on the physical parameters such as the climatic conditions and area. The prominent location for Lavender field is Yorkshire, Cotswold, Banstead […]

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Fairy Meadows – Pakistan

Jan 22, 2015 No Comments by

The Enchanting Fairy Meadows is a natural grassland located to the north of Nanga Parbat (elevation 26,660 ft, 9th highest in world and 2nd highest in Pakistan) overlooking majestic Rakhiot glacier in Diamer District (Gilgit,Baltistan). The name of the invigorating fairy meadows was given by German climber Willy Merkl, who was highly impressed by the […]

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Quba Mosque – Madina (Saudi Arabia)

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Mosques, the place of practicing religious norms (Islam) for Muslims are built with different architectures, designs and outlooks following the era, location and the regime. Quba Mosque located in Madinah al Munawra (Saudi Arabia) is one of the example of the oldest known mosques. The plain white architecture, huge minarets, arabesque latticework, portico and ribbed […]

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