Paris – France

Paris – Capital of France and has been a popular tourist destination for ages. Over 45 million people visit Paris in a year to see it’s culture and different beautiful sights. Eiffel Tower among the most popular attraction in Paris. More famous attractions include the Louvre Museum, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame cathedral. Paris has also multiple opera houses, many exquisite restaurants, and amazing hotels. Paris is a friendly city for tourist and that makes it easy to explore. You can explore it by bike, hop-on hop-off bus, or public transportation. I would like to show some of the popular attractions in the city.

According to Financial Times- Paris was ranked among the top three most important and influential cities in the world, and among the first three “European cities of the future”. Paris has all the attractions the tourist should want to have like museums and the landmarks. Paris also have the most beautiful parks with horseback riding, kayaking, sailing, hiking and bicycling. Around 60 golf courses in the city and you can buy one pass, and access various clubs.

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