Las Vegas – The Entertainment Capital

The city in the US State of New Mexico, Located in the middle of the vast Mojave Desert . Las Vegas has been great Tourist Destination for entertainment and the world’s largest theme park can be found here. Over a million people is living here and around 35 million people visits Las Vegas each year to its amazing hotels and casinos. In the early days of the city the Mafia dominated the gambling industry but in the 1960s their influence became vanished and later on all the large hotels and casinos were run and controlled by big business.

18 largest hotels in the world has been now located in Las Vegas and walking down ‘The Strip’ visitors will see the skylines of New York and Paris. At Treasure Isand you may discover the wonderful canals of Venice and the Pyramids of Egypt. Moreover, room rates and restaurant bills are the cheapest in the western world. Las Vegas also known as the “Entertainment Capital Of The World”. The city is also a home to several museums.

Despite all gambling etc, Las Vegas is now famous as a family destination with the lot of theme parks, shopping malls and golf courses. Although, Many visitors come to gamble and the incredible displays are mostly designed to lure passers-by into the casinos, But still is a wonderful family Travel Destinations and wonderful place to visit in holidays.

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