Switzerland – A Place With Natural Beauty

Switzerland – is famous for its wonderful, snow-capped mountains and peace loving people. The Alps and the Jura mountains cover more than half of Switzerland. Because of so many mountains in the country it provides with the variety of sports, with most popular skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering. There are about 1000 museums are located in different region of the country. Some important and famous Cultural performances like Lucerne Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival and and the Locarno International Film Festival held annually and is the good attraction for visitors.

Zurich is the main city of Switzerland, Other cities like Bern and Geneva have great museums housing great artists of the Dada movement. Switzerland is popular for watches, Chocolates and pocket knives. Switzerland is also a home to many contributors to literature, art, architecture, music and sciences. Switzerland has unlimited Scenery views, Landscapes, and is the heaven on earth. One should feel refreshing and happy after watching Switzerland.

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