Bora Bora – A Paradise For Travelers

Bora Bora – located in the island in Leeward Islands of the French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean and is around 140 miles northwest from Papeete. Barrier reef and a lagoon surrounds the island, because of which it is the paradise for holiday travelers and visitors. At the center of the island, there are remnants from a volcano that is extinct and rises with two peaks, Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia, where the highest point is 2,385 feet high. “Bora Bora” name was given from the Tahitian language, which can be translated as Pora Pora meaning “First Born”.

Bora Bora was discovered in 1722, but then sighted again in 1769 and settled in 1777. Tourism is a big part of the island now, many resorts also have been constructed on this small and wonderful island that surrounds the lagoon of the Bora Bora. The tourists may don’t have as much language problem as who remain contacted with the tourists, they do have a command in English. Aquatic activities are common for the travelers and visitors in most of the Island tourist destination, but still some attractions to see on land for the tourists. Some of the attraction for the visitors in this island are scuba diving and snorkeling around the lagoon, which is very famous. Another famous attraction for the visitors is that some diving operators offer visitors the chance to dive with the manta rays or feed the sharks as many species of rays and sharks live in the water.

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