Pompeii – The Forgetten City Of Italy

Pompeii – located in the province of Naples (Campania, Italy), also known as the forgotten city. It was a Roman settlement that was devastated by volcanic eruptions in 79 A.D. .In the 6th century, Roman’s occupied the city and they converted the city into a Resort city. The Pompeii city is famous for the architectures which have been preserved here by the ashes due to volcanic eruption, Many archaeologists from all over the world come here to see that and is the main attraction for them.

Mount Vesuvius” was the name of the volcano who destructed the Pompeii city. The eruptions from the volcano were so strong that the whole city was covered in volcanic ashes, and was forgotten and erased from the history books but it was rediscovered in 1738 by workers working for King of Naples. That is why the city is also called “The Forgotten City”. It is therefore the most visited tourist destination place because of its unique architectural designs. Pompeii is UNESCO World Heritage Site too.

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