Peaceful Galapagos Islands – Equator

The Galapagos Islands – located in Equator (west of Ecuador) which is situated approx. 960 km from the main land in the famous national parks. Volcanic disruption was the reason due to which these islands have come into being. These Islands are said to be one of the most peaceful and unique place on earth. Galapagos Islands are very lucrative to explore this part of the wondrous islands especially by the tourists. Spanish is the official language here and Galapagos is also a Spanish Word that means ‘saddle’. It has a total population of 40,000.

Bartolome Pinnacle Rock Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is situated in the Pacific Ocean which is approx. 1,000 km away from South America. These Islands are total 19 in number, surrounding many marine reserves. The place is also said to be the living museum. The water here is cold. From June to November, the temperature of the islands is 22 degree Celsius. The temperature mainly raises up to two more degrees from December to May with no as such winds but heavy rainfall. Throughout the year frequent drizzles are there in the Islands.

Beautiful Galapagos Islands

Darwin Island Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Galapagos Islands Equator

Galapagos Islands San Bartolome Island Ecuador

Galapagos Islands

Seals At Galapagos Islands

Stunning Galapagos Islands View

Superb Ariel View Of Galapagos Islands

Superb Galapagos Island

Tourist At Galapagos Island

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