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Hong Kong – located on China’s Southeastern coast, on the Pacific Ocean (east of Macau on the opposite side of the Pearl River Delta, which is surrounded by China Sea). It is one of the most densely populated regions of the world, with over 7 million residents. The city balances a modernized way of life with traditional Chinese practices. Hong Kong is famous for its beautiful and expensive skyline, towering buildings, and spectacular picturesque harbor. Although it is part of the country of China, it has its own political system. The City is World’s Leading Financial Center, and the Hong Kong Dollar is its own currency, and it is the most traded in the world. Hong Kong comes in the world’s most vertical city, and has attraction for the visitors because of its amazing architecture of its skyscrapers. Hong Kong also has a highly developed transportation system; tourist may not find difficulty to travel within the city due to well managed transportation system.

Beautiful Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Attraction

Hong Kong Beauty

Hong Kong Buildings

Hong Kong Center

Hong Kong China

Hong Kong City

Hong Kong Football Ground

Hong Kong Ocean Park

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Hong Kong Victoria Peak

Hong Kong View From The Peak

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Skyline View

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