Beautiful Kingdom Of Bhutan

Located between India and China in the Himalayas is a small kingdom of Bhutan with a population of 700 thousand people. In this beautiful country is very strong tradition, and it is in no hurry to make a modern way of development. Bhutan is a land of Buddhism, purity and enlightenment. One cannot imagine that television and the Internet came to Bhutan only in 1999 after the lifting of the ban.

Bhutan Surrouded By Himalayas

Bhutan is often rated as the happiest country in the world, and the economy here is not measured by gross domestic product (GDP) and Gross National Happiness . As said, the 4th king of this country: “Happiness is more important than people, percent of gross domestic product.” One should travel Bhutan to see the South Asia’s Beauty, and Bhutan is wonderful place to visit.

Monastery On The Hill

The history of tourism in Bhutan began in 1974, before enter the country could only be by personal invitation of the king or queen. The country was open to foreigners, to show its unique culture and traditions around the world. In Bhutan, some 700 000 people lives here, from which 80% – in rural areas. According to official census, the population decreases

Young Monks

Wonderful Bhutan

Thimphu Capital City Of Bhutan

Thimphu Capital Bridge

Tashichhodzong Bhutan

Taktsang Lhakhang Socket Tigress

Royal Wedding Of Bhutan

Royal Wedding Ceremony Bhutan

Palace Of Great Happiness Bhutan

Nest Tigress

Mountain Kulagangri Bhutan

Monastery Taktsang Lhakhang Bhutan

Local Tradition Of Bhutan

Jigme Kesar Wangchuk Namgue

International Airport Bhutan

Hatagi Prayer Flags

Dancers At Royal Wedding Bhutan

Culture Of Bhutan

Culture Of Bhutan

Buddhist Monks

Buddhist Monks Bhutan

Buddha Statue Bhutan

Bhutan Traditions

Bhutan Surrouded By Himalayas

Bhutan Girls

Bhutan Culture

Bhutan Amazing

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