The Socotra Island And Its Amazing Bottle tree

Socotra – a mysterious world. The island of myths and legends. Its ancient name is translated from Sanskrit as “the land of bliss.” Is an island 250 km from Africa and 350 km from the Arabian Peninsula.The island is unique for its flora and fauna. Most species of plants and animals – are endemic, ie, anywhere else in the world do not occur. And this is the only place on Earth where there are unique bottle tree.

Early in the morning, we arrived at the same airport in Yemen, who arrived a few days ago in Moscow. Surprised the plane – a new, well-groomed Bombardier, with a small cabin. In Yemen, it seemed a miracle of science innovation.

Shop packed full, mostly local Aborigines. An hour later, the plane landed at the airport in Mukalla. Most of the passengers came out here, then we regained altitude. After another 40 minutes in the porthole seemed the sandy beach of Socotra, washed turquoise Indian Ocean. A striking red soil and large stones. Bright turquoise sea. On the blue sky, not a single cloud. Damn nice. An hour later, we arrived at a place called Dihamri. Here we are waiting for camping – tents, built of seashells. The beach at the campsite . Log in very uncomfortable, but the water is transparent, like a tear baby.

Bottle tree – a symbol of the island of Socotra, as are endemic, ie growing only in this place on Earth. They fully comply with its name, as looks really similar to a bottle or keg filled with fluid. Thick base with a narrow neck at the top. The leaves are thick and small. Shape trees purchased in connection with the dry local climate and lack of moisture. Thick fleshy leaves and stem, allow longer maintain the liquid.

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