The Fastest Cable Car Genting – Malaysia

Genting – (Malaysia) city of entertainment at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. It is called Las Vegas of Malaysia: here was built 20 luxury hotels, several amusement parks and even the country’s only legal casino. Genting empire – the brainchild of a Chinese Lim Goh Tong. When he first voiced the idea of ​​building a mountain resort, it raised a laugh at the end of 1960 the area was covered with virgin tropical jungle. But Tong continued to persist, and in 1971 opened the first hotel. Then earned a casino in Genting and then knocked the crowd of visitors.

In addition to numerous laudatory epithets Genting also boasts the world’s fastest cable car. The velocity of suspended booths is 6 m / s, and 3380 meters, separating from the lower station of Genting, which is located in the village of Kuala Bharu Cuba, travelers overcome in just 11 minutes. Much of the route of cable car, which opened on February 21, 1997, lies above the jungle, and in cloudless weather with height can be seen scurrying down the monkeys. The price is 10 Malaysian ringgit ($ 3) in both directions.

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