Natural Beauty Of Kazakhstan

This review is dedicated to the Almaty region – the most beautiful and charming side of Kazakhstan. Nature here is so rich, amazing and full of contrasts, a landscape that almost no repeats. For one day the way you can visit the snow-capped mountains, wander through the pine forests, and in just a couple hours of travel to be among the dunes and sands of the boundless steppes of intricate twists turangovyh ancient groves, to feel the power and strength of ancient canyons and get lost in a maze of limestone mountains. And all this – the Beautiful Kazakhstan.

Altyn Emel Kazakhastan

This country is the ninth largest country in the world by land area. Assy plateau, situated at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level. In winter the climate is very severe, but in the summer due to heavy rains, watering meadows almost every day and the scorching sun mountain, the plateau is an ideal place for the grazing of livestock. Since ancient times, this blessing of nature are skillfully shepherds. Their tents are perfectly combined with extensive meadows and mountain ranges, casting an atmosphere of times past nomads. No one can deny it’s magnificent natural beauty. Tourist looking for nature, is one beautiful place to visit and one should not miss to see it’s beauty.

Altyn Emel River Kazakhastan

Charyn Canyon Kazakhastan

Graceful Horses Kazakhastan

Horses In Kazakhastan

Kazakhastan Amazing

Kazakhastan Beauty

Kazakhastan Natural Beauty

Kazakhastan Nature

Kazakhastan Stunning Beauty

Kyzyl-Auz View

Lake Kulsay Kazakhastan


Mountain Ear Konyr Kazakhastan

Reddish Tint Dune

Singing Dunes

Taban Karaga View Of Kazakhastan

Taban Karaga View

The Valley Castles

Unique Lake Kazakhastan

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