Heavenly Waterton National Park – Canada

Waterton National Park – located in southwestern corner of the province of Alberta, Canada. Waterton is beautiful, calm, and peaceful National Park. The park having mindblowing scenery, wildlife and enjoy outstanding recreational opportunities. A perfect place for nature lovers. The beauty here is the majestic Rocky Mountains rise suddenly out of the rolling prairies.Amid the peaks are the lakes of Waterton Lakes National Park, pared out of the rock by earliest glaciers.

Waterton Lakes National Park boundaries Glacier National Park in Montana to the south, together creating the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, the first of its kind in the world. A place like no other, the matchlessness of Waterton Park is a blend of rare geology, mild climate, rare wild flowers, and a richness of wildlife. It is a scene which has remained unaffected for centuries. Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort in Waterton Park, Alberta CA is the perfect spot for getting away from it all and getting back to nature. The Waterton Lakes area will arouse your senses to the beauty and wonder that surrounds you. Magnificent mountains and valley views will surely make your trip a extraordinary and one of the best if not “The Best”.

This heavenly park has been added to a World Heritage Site. One should easily say Paradise On Earth after watching the un matchless nature’s beauty.

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