The Blue Caves – Greece

The Blue Caves – located in Zakynthos islands in the Ionian Sea in Greece. Actually, it is the second most visited isle apart from Corfu. The lands in Zakynthos are quite rocky, and just like the other Ionian Islands; there are a number of lush valleys and green plains that portray superb landscapes on the isle. Their coasts are massive, some 123 kilometers long, as well as very steep on the North. On the other hand, they are very grimy in the Southern area, where they show a number of gulfs, such as the Laganas gulf. The beauty of this area gives a great lift to the tour industry, to the point of becoming an exceptionally popular destination.

The light of the sun, deflected through the sea, is reflected in the inner of the Grotto, thereby producing a Stunning Blue Colour. The Cave can be visited only by boat and, since the entry is hardly one metre high above sea level, only under calm sea conditions: the best time of the day to visit is early in the morning, when the sun is still low.

The blue caves have also exciting arches created by erosion along thousands of years, which allow for going through these caves and get actually enclosed by this strange environment. However, there is one way of being part of that marvelous scenery apart from getting surrounded by the cave’s arches: the blue caves are clearly the soft spot for those who like diving.

This area is quite wildering, rural, and less transited than the others just stated. In fact, the blue caves are only reachable by the sea. Though, this fact has not stopped them from being one of the main attractions of this Greek island.

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