Rago National Park – Norway

Rago National Park – is a national park in the city of Sorfold in Nordland County, Norway. It has an area of 171-square-kilometre (66 sq mi) and lies in the east of European route E06, about 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) northeast of the village of Straumen. The park was built on 22 January 1971. Rago National Park borders Sweden’s Padjelanta National Park, which in turn edges two other parks, and the shared of all the protected land is a total of 5,700 square kilometers (2,200 sq mi)—making the largest protected area in Europe.

The Storskogvatnet Lake and Litlverivatnet Lake lies within the park. There are numerous glaciers in the southeastern part of the park. Rago National Park does not have a rich diversity of plants, due partly to its poor soils and harsh climate. The forested areas consist mostly of pine. Many alpine plants grow among the trees. There isn’t a wide variety of animal and bird life also. Moose live in the park along with semi-domesticated reindeer. Wolverines are also there in the park. Willow Grouse and Golden Eagles are often seen in the park.

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