Amazing Devil’s Postpile – California

Devil Postpile National Monument– Located in Mammoth Mountain in Madera County, California. Like a strange landscape, this columnar basalt cliff appears out of place from the rest of what used to be portion of the Yosemite National Park lands. The flora and fauna at Devils Postpile are characteristic of the Sierra Nevada. The monument contains several animals and plants like black bears, Pine martens, mule deer etc.

This odd creation was made by a lava flow that pooled to 400 feet and slowly leaked out. Then, astonishingly, a glacier gradually moved through and advanced the columns. The strange, alien-like structure was almost devastated twice. Once during blasting for gold in the 1800s and then when a hydroelectric plant was planned to be built there. Walter L. Huber persuaded President Taft to announce the Devil’s Postpile a National Monument in 1911 and saved it for the people.

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