Moldova – Europe’s Popular Tourist Destination

Moldova – officially known as Republic of Moldova, bordering Romania and Ukraine is a small state that got its independence in 1992. This beauytiful hilly land is home to an enormous vineyard industry that offers outstanding wines of the highest quality and hundreds of variations. But wine is not the only tourist attraction that the country can pride on. Chişinău, the capital, is a lively party town, while Orheiul Vechi and Ţipova are spectacular Moldavian historical sites. Fantastic monastery complexes that cannot be neglected once you are in the country.

It is hard to believe that Europe, home to the world’s most popular tourist destinations, has some hidden and unfamiliar secrets. Still, the eastern part of the continent is comparatively undiscovered. Albania, Georgia, Moldova, Macedonia, Ukraine…only a few examples of Europe’s off-the-beaten track countries. It’s official language is Moldovan.

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