Venice – City of Canals, Italy

Venice – (known as Venezia in Italian) is a city located in the Marshy Venetian Lagoon, northeast Italy. It contains around 118 small islands separated by canals and connected by bridges. Venice is famous for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its creations. The city along with its magnificent lagoon is listed as World Heritage Site. The name is derivative from the ancient Veneti people who occupied the region in the 10th century BCE. Venice has been branded as the “La Dominante“, “Serenissima“, “Queen of the Adriatic“, “City of Water“, “City of Masks“, “City of Bridges“, “The Floating City“, and o”City f Canals“. Luigi Barzini described it in The New York Times as “certainly the most beautiful city built by man”. Venice has also been labeled by the Times Online as being one of Europe’s most romantic cities.

Venice is one of the most significant tourist destinations in the world for its famous art and architecture. The city has an estimated of 50,000 tourists a day (2007 estimate). In 2006, it was the world’s 28th most internationally visited city, with around 2.927 million international comings that year. There are many attractions in Venice, like St Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal, and the Piazza San Marco. The Lido di Venezia is also a famous and well-known international luxury destination, appealing thousands of actors, critics, celebrities, and mainly people in the cinematic industry. The city also depends on the cruise business.

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