Gwadar – Port City of Pakistan

Gwadar – located in coastal areas of Balochistan, Pakistan. Gwadar is deliberately located at the apex of the Arabian Sea and at the mouth of the Gulf of Oman. The city’s strategic, warm-water, deep-sea Gwadar Port was completed in 2007. The port is 47 feet (14 m) deep and handles the main cargo ships to Pakistan. The city is developing as a trade hub and a transit for Chinese oil imports. The city has also been taking an increasing role in China’s String of Gems. Gwadar was purchased by Pakistan in 1958 from Oman. Gwadar is one of the few premeditated cities in Pakistan (others being Faisalabad, Jauharabad, and Islamabad), which have been developed from scrape under an urban master plan. Before development, the town was only a fishing village. Gwadar is known to be the World’s Largest Deep Sea-port.

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