Heavenly Goa – Small State of India

Goa – Located in west India in Konkan. It is India’s tiniest state by area and the fourth lowest by population. Goa is India’s richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole. It was graded the top placed state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its groundwork and rated on top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population based on the 12 Indicators. GOA attracts many tourists mostly because of its pretty beaches, overwhelming seafood, bright nightlife, attractive churches and water sports.

Tourism is generally motivated on the coastal areas of Goa, with reduced tourist activity inland. In 2010, there was more than around 2 million travelers visited Goa, about 1.2 million of whom were from abroad. The tourism board chose Prachi Desai, a young Bollywood actress as the face of Goa. Winter and summers are the best seasons to be in GOA. Portuguese rule for over 450 years and the important influence of Portuguese culture, Goa offerings a rather different picture to the foreign visitor than other parts of the country. The state of Goa is well-known for its excellent beaches, churches, and temples. The Bom Jesus Cathedral, Fort Aguada and a new wax museum on Indian history, culture and heritage in Old Goa are other tourism destinations.

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