Cebu City – Advanced City of Philippines

Cebu – City located in Philipinnes, one of the advanced city of the world. It almost has everything, like beautiful resorts, five stars hotels and big shopping malls, providing to all budgets and tastes. It also has one of the busiest airport centers in the country and is now the passageway to other closer cities like Dumaguete and Bohol. One of the city’s best visited places is the Mango Avenue where mostly teenager set hangs out and enjoy good music. Apart from that, there’s also the island jumping services by island local tour operators where you’ll get to visit places like Close Island and enjoy some sunbathing. A best time of year to visit is during the Sinulog Festival, a celebration in honor of Senior Sto. Nino. He’s the patron saint of the city, so in the course of Sinulog every January people gather around, dance and walk in honor of him while uproar Viva Senior Sto. Nino. The city is also known as Queen City of Philippine.

Image Source: lakbay diva

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