Blue Mosque of Turkey – Istanbul

Blue Mosque – Also known as “Sultan Ahmad Mosque” located in the main square of Istanbul, Turkey. The flowing domes and six small towers of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque take over the skyline of Istanbul, Turkey. In the 17th century, Sultan Ahmed I wanted to construct an Islamic place of worship that would be even well than the Hagia Sophia, As a result this name was named to be Sultan Ahmad Mosque. The two great architectural accomplishments now stand next to each other in Istanbul’s main square. It was constructed near the Hagia Sophia, over the site of the ancient hippodrome and Byzantine imperial palace (whose mosaics can be seen in the adjoining Mosaic Museum). Building work began in 1609 and took seven years. The unique mosque complex included a madrasa, a hospital, a han, a primary school, a market, an Emarat and the tomb of the initiator.

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