Cadiz – Ancient City of Spain

Cádiz – An ancient city located at Atlantic coast of Spain between Gibraltar and Portugal. Cadiz city is built in a remarkable position on a peninsula linked to San Fernando by a thin isthmus. Cadiz is a beautiful city with clean streets, classy residences, splendid buildings, lovely squares and well-tended parks have in the past earned it the title “La Tacita De Plata” (little silver cup).It is a province of wonderful variety an area that attracts lovers of ancient architecture, narrow mazy city streets, perfect long sandy beaches. Cadiz province also has smaller towns and hilly villages many of them holding the feel and look of the original Moorish builders.

Cadiz city is now one of the richest and most multicultural cities in Europe. Cadiz is the capital of the province of Cadiz and is one of the eights regions which form the independent government of Andalusia. The San Sebastian Fortress, located on a steep cliff at Caleta beach, is one of the best places to visit in Cadiz. In front of the Santa Catalina Castle, over a small island from which it protected the northern front of Cadiz’s city. This castle is combined to the mainland by means of a coastal drive, which makes it possible not to be inaccessible during the high tide. This famous beach has all types of facilities: bars, open-air drinks stalls, etc.

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