Valencia – Spain

Valencia – City located on what is an old riverbed Turia, Spain. The Valencia is the city of Arts and Sciences. Valencia, Spain is considered to be one of the best tourist attractions in Europe. Lovely buildings and expansive spaces are the most attractive places of the city. The wonderful city of Valencia is famous for Fallas festival every spring between February and March. It is one of Valencia, Spain best festivals and one of the most well-known festivals in Europe. In the week of 19 March, the city fills with huge cardboard monuments, called ninots, for a competition that is marked by art, ingenuity and good taste.

The river Tulia used to flood every couple of years so they sidetracked its course and in its place they have created some of the most creative buildings and green space on the planet Earth. These buildings have concert halls, exhibition halls, auditoriums, aqua parks, huge underwater marine exhibits; children’s play areas and many more activities. You can trip on little trains, hire a push bike, play in free areas, relish the sunshine and take a gentle stroll in the heart of a wonderful city. This is just such great entertaining things to have in Spain.

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