Incredible Pink Sands Beach – Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach – Located in the beautiful Harbour Island, Bahamas. Harbour Island is well-known for its light Pink Sand Beaches. Because of its beauty and spectacular views it is one of the best beaches in Bahamas. The pink color originates from the little microscopic shelled animals called as Foraminifera. These Foraminifera has a bright pink/red shell full of holes through which it extends a footing, called “Pseudopodia” which it uses to attach itself and feed. The beach is beautiful, clear water with crystal clear white sand. You may say that the best beach to relax, walk and swim in, No wearing water shoes here the sand is smooth, soft and pink. These beaches are outstanding place for families or a romantic stroll. Sleep on an isolated pink sanded beach, discover the unspoiled beauty of neighboring Eleuthera Island or enjoy a wide collection of water sports, including bone-fishing, reef fishing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling and much more.

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