Dahu Park – Taiwan

Beautiful Dahu Park – Located in the Neihu District in Taipei, Taiwan. It is best known for its large beautiful lake. It is a mesmerizing Taipei leisure spot that can merely be gain access to by Taipei Metro (Taipei Mass Rapid Transit). Dahu Park is chosen to be a multifunctional park with various manmade and natural features. The 13-hectare lake is crossed by the Jindai Bridge. There is also a scenic lake pavilion, which like the bridge, is constructed in a traditional Chinese style. The park is also a famous spot for weekend fishing, picnics, and strolls in the lovely setting. One can enjoy the moving light on the lakes and the flight of the egrets while walking along the lake. Other than the greenery and tracks, there is a heated swimming pool, steam room, sauna, water slide, and other fun facilities to enjoy. It is most famous because of the spectacular Moon Bridge which has extremely unique and cherishing beauty that appears when the shades appear in its full moon lights.

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