The Maroon Bells – United Stated

The Maroon Bells – Located in Colorado, United States of America. Maroon Bells are two peaks in the Elk Mountains, One is Maroon Peaks and one is known as North Maroon Peaks. Maroon Peak is at the height of 14,156 feet and the 27th highest peak in Colorado whereas the North Maroon Peak is at the height of 14,014 feet and is the 50th highest. Maroon Bell’s View to the southwest from the Maroon Creek valley is one of the most well-known scenes in Colorado, and is believed to be the “Most-Photographed Spot in Colorado” and one of Colorado’s best scenic overlooks. It is surrounded by pristine National Forest lands.

Maroon Lake is also one of the beautiful lakes because of its beauty that is surrounded by fields of wildflowers, mirrors images of the Maroon Bells in its waters. If anyone who is nature lover and speculating what you want to see in Colorado, then one should definitely visit these marvelous peaks that is consider to be the most spectacular mountain peaks in the whole United States. Travelers recommended for the superb Trials for hiking and it gives purely superb lake views and one of the best places in US to hike these mountains. It has three different trials or tracks giving different scenery views.

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