Baatara Gorge Waterfall – Lebanon

The Baatara Gorge Waterfall – Located in the village of Balaa, Lebanon. It is sometimes called as the Baatara Pothole Waterfall. This waterfall was discovered in 1952, and is a little unusual. The waterfall drops an astounding 837 feet (255 meters) in to a huge cave of Jurassic limestone. It is one of the most extraordinary geological formations on the planet. Henri Coiffait, the French bio-speleologist discovered this Pothole or waterfall in 1952.

Baatara Gorge waterfall is situated on the Lebanon Mountain Trail which is also known as the Three Bridge Chasm (in French “Gouffre des Trois Ponts”). This name is because of the journey in to the valley below takes in three naturally formed bridges, each rising above the one below. When the winter snows begin to melt, the waterfall is at its peak and the water falls in to the chasm. This amazing waterfall and pothole is something which can be enjoyed by visitors to Lebanon.

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