Amazon Rainforest – South America

Amazon Rainforest – Located in the region of South America and mostly Brazil. It is also known as Amazonia. The Amazon signifies over half of the planet’s remaining rainforests, and it includes the largest and most species-rich tract of hot rainforest in the world. Around 20% of earth’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest, the name derives from the Amazon River. Amazonia gets about 9 feet of rain every year. It is the world’s largest tropical rainforest and it covers more than half of Brazil. Inborn peoples of the Amazon rainforest have used many different plants for centuries as treatments and potions for their health and survival. A projected 10 million Indians were living in Amazonia about five hundred years ago. Today there are less than 200,000 native peoples remaining in Amazonia. More than 90 tribes have been demolished since the 1900’s.

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