Easter Island – Pacific Ocean (Chile and Tahiti)

Easter Island Chile

Easter Island Region – Is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It is located over 2,000 miles from the nearest population center, (Tahiti and Chile) making it one of the most separated populated countries. It has an area of 3,600 km (2,237 miles) on the western side of it is Chile and 2,075 km (1,290 miles) on the eastern side is Pitcairn. This Region is one of the most recent populated areas on Soil, and for most of its historical past it was the most alienated populated property on Soil. A triangle of volcanic rock is well-known for the giant stone monoliths, known as Moai, that dot the coastline. The place comes under UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Easter Island Pacific Ocean

Easter Island Region Chile

Easter Island Region

Easter Island Tahiti

Easter Island

Easter Islands Chile

Easter Islands

Ahu Tahai

Polynesian Island

UNESCO Site Easter Island Chile

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