Triple Crown Hike (The Longest Route of the World) – USA

Triple Crown Hiking

Triple Crown – Located in the United States, It has three trials (routes). Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail and Continental Divide Trail are the three tracks of Triple Crown.  The total distance of these longest three tracks is around 12,600 kilometers, which equals about a quarter the Earth’s equator. In short the entire route takes several years. Daring people can go for a hike in these long routes. Risk-takers can see virgin forests and snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, tropical jungles, deserts and the endless sky.  Their life is at stake if they decide to go for a hike. It has been known since the war with the Indians. The first person to walk the whole of three tracks of Triple Crown (back to back) was Matthew Hazley from Northern Ireland in 2005, who took 239 days.Adventure Triple Crown

Stay At Triple Crown Trial

Triple Crown Adventure

Triple Crown Forests

Triple Crown Hike USA

Triple Crown Hike

Triple Crown Routes

Triple Crown United States

Triple Crown USA

Triple Crown

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