Hemsedal – Norway

Hemsedal Norway

The Hemsedal – Located in Norway. It is a small village in the mountains. It is the 2nd Largest Skiing Resort in Norway. For the tourists, there are numerous trails up into the mountains from the museum farm Øvre Løkji. There are many activities for the visitors to come and enjoy some are hunting, fishing and hiking. In 1961, Hemsedal Ski Zone was formed and the first ski lift installed. Hemsedal is a famous destination where Hemsedal Skisenter is the foremost attraction.” Skandinavian Alpes” is the nickname given to Hemsedal.  Mostly travelers come from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Holland and the UK. Near to Hemsedal is Sognefjørd in Grøndalen which has beautiful mountain landscapes, a extensive variety of activities and two golf courses for tourism.

Hemsedal Norway Mountains

Hemsedal Snow


Hemsedal Skiing Resort

Hemsedal Norway Travel

Hemsedal Mountain

Hemsedal Mountains

Hemsedal Skiing

Skandinavian Alpes


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