Chiloé Island – Chile

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Chiloé Island or Greater Island of Chiloé – A Large Island located in southern Chile, in the Los Lagos Region. The Bay of Ancud offers great views and chances for kayaking. Chiloe’s National Park and Ahuenca region are home for diverse and plentiful wildlife. The penguin Colony is also a great way to see these amazing creatures.

Chiloé Island Chile

The Isla Grande de Chiloé is the 2nd largest island in South America. It is around 180km long but only 50km wide. It is easily accessed by a short ferry ride. The island is luxurious with rolling hills quilted in farm patterns to the north, and covered in dense forest to the south. Almost 40 smaller islands scattered throughout the gulf are even more remote, isolated and traditional.

Chiloé Island Birds


Chiloé National Park

Isla Grande de Chiloé

Greater Island of Chiloé

The Bay of Ancud

Chaiten Chiloé Island

Island Chiloé

Island of Chiloé

The Bay of Ancud Chile

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