Gorny Convent – Israel

Convent Jerusalem

Gorny Convent – Located in Ein Kerem district, Jerusalem. It surrounds beautiful olive grove. The Gorny Monastery spreads over hundreds of denims and includes three churches. First at the main temple, this houses Our Lady of Kazan. Second, old-style for the area cave temple. Third, a brand new church, completed only a few years ago. It was created in honor of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land. The entry to the church is allowed only to pilgrims. At the Gorny Monastery live 48 Russian nuns and 2 priests who run the prayer services. Visitors can generally visit the Gorny Monastery during prayer times excluding Sundays. The entrance to the Gorny Monastery is from the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.


Gorny Convent Israel

Gorny Convent Jerusalem Israel

Gorny Convent Jerusalem

Gorny Convent

Gorny Israel

Gorny Monastry

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