Diocletian’s Palace – Croatia

Diocletian's Palace

The Palace of Diocletian – Located in the Croatian city of Split is the most well-preserved palace built by Roman Empire. It is truly the palace can be called a stretch. There’s a range of restaurants, shops and hotels. The basements are a market for crafted jewelry, models of Roman busts, silver cigarette cases, candlestick holders, wooden sailing ships, leather goods and other odds and ends. The Palace is constructed of white local limestone and of high quality marble. Diocletian’s Palace whole structure covers 31,000 sq. meters.Croatia Diocletian Palace

Croatia Diocletian's Palace

Diocletian Palace Split

Diocletian Palace

Diocletian's Palace Croatia

Diocletian's Palace From Above

Diocletian's Palace Split

Diocletians Palace

The Diocletians Palace

The Palace of Diocletian Croatia

The Palace of Diocletian

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