Mògàn Shān – China

Mògàn Shān

Moganshan – Located on a mountain in the Zhejiang province of China. It is also called as Mount Mogan (莫干山). It is situated around 200 km. away from Shanghai. Its base is a small village of Moganshan. July and August is the busiest season for this park. You can visit either by drive or hike. In winters, it can be less populated and beautiful, well worth the effort. Moganshan National Park is a nice park with few walking trails at the very top of the mountain. Half way up is the picturesque village, made mostly of stone houses. Below the village is a chain of pools and waterfalls that go down a steep canyon. Tourists will need Moganshan entry ticket to go all the way in. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views. They can also read a book, go for a hike, sit in a hammock, or try some delicious local beer and cuisine.

Moganshan Village China

Mogan Shan China

Mògàn Shān National Park

Mogan Shan

Moganshan Naked Stables

Moganshan China

Beautiful Mogan Shan

Moganshan Mountain

Moganshan Naked Stables

Moganshan National Park

Moganshan Track

Mògànshan Village

Moganshan Zhejiang China


Mount Mogan


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