Vardzia Cave – Georgia

Stunning Vardzia Cave

Vardzia Cave – Located at the European country of Georgia. This Legendary Monastery Cave was excavated from the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain. It was constructed in the 2nd half of the twelfth century. It is really hard to believe that that it was built in 12th century. Georgian people built this monastery in the Caucasus for their impressive queen Tamar. These wonderful Caves stretch along the cliff for about five hundred meters and in up to 13th level and contained 6000 apartments. It is more like a museum now rather than a monastery but still serves as a memorial of the extremes a people will go to in order to protect their culture and the savage vagaries of nature.

Cave Vardzia Georgia

Cave Vardzia


Erusheti Mountain Caves

Georgia Vardzia Caves

Georgia Vardzia Cave

Amazing Vardzia Cave

Vardzia Cave

Georgia Vardzia

Gergian Vardzia Cave

Vardzia Cave Georgia

Vardzia Cave Rooms

Vardzia Caves

Vardzia Georgia Cave

Vardzia Georgia


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