The Nose Devil – Ecuadorian Railroad

Ecuador Railroad

The Nose Devil Railway – Is a Railway track located in Ecuador. The railroad has beautiful scenery alongside the way, which is over a series of twists as it zigzags down the steep mountainside crossing small villages and Andean lakes along the way. The train railroad is between Riobamba and Alausí. It is one of the best railway tracks in the world and one of the difficult rides. One can get experienced this thriving tourist activity. The belt of railway is known as “the toughest in the world” because the construction and start-up of this railway project was extremely complex and difficult.

Ecuador Railroad Nose Devil

Ecuadorin Railway Track

Nose Devil Ecuador

Nose Devil Railway

Nose Devil Track

Nose Devil

Railway Nose Devil

The Nose Devil Train

The Nose Devil View

The Nose Devil

Tourist at The Nose Devil

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