Santa Maria Dell’Isola Monastery – Italy

Santa Maria Dell'Isola Church

Santa Maria Dell’Isola – An attractive small monastery located on the top of a hill just on the beach of Tropea in Calabria, Italy. It is a holy place for pilgrims. The present frontage of the monastery is dated after the earthquake of 1905 and is the work of the local workers of the district of Montecassino. This Santa Maria Dell’Isola Church became a place of pilgrimage on August 15 – Assumption of Mary and on 8 September – Nativity of Mary. Inside the arch there is a painting of St. Family and also a group of statues in the altar.

Santa Dell'Isola

Santa Maria Dell Isola

Santa Maria Dell'Isola Calabria Italy

Santa Maria Dell'Isola Italy

Santa Maria Dell'Isola Monastery

Santa Maria Dell'Isola

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