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Sanyou Cave – (Sānyóudòng 三游洞) located in a deep valley and about 7 kilometers northwest of YichanChina Sanyou Caveg (yíchāng 宜昌), China. It is a huge cave on the north peak of the Xiling Mountain (xīlíngshān 西陵山). It inclines against the Three Gorges (sānxiá 三峡) of Yangtze River’s Xiling Gorge (xīlíngxiá 西陵峡) and faces to the Xialao Stream (xiàláoxī 下牢溪) where the caves hold wonderful different vision and the scenery is beautiful. It is a well-known scenic spot and historical resort and o¬ne of the key cultural relic protection units of Hubei Province. The cave is around 30 meters deep, 23 meters in width and is about 9 meters high. At above, Tourists can gain magnificence scenery of the mighty Yangtze River flow among high mountains. Sanyou Cave is famous as living museum of Chinese calligraphy.
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Sanyou Cave Restaurant – Near to the Sanyou Cave and above Chang Jiang Sanyou Cave Restaurant ChinaRiver, Hubei , China; there is a beautiful Unique Restaurant. Whenever you go you should dine with an over the top view try the Sanyou Cave Restaurant. The Restaurant is divided into two chambers, the chamber near the front is a wide and bright room, alongside the walls there are more than 40 stone masterpiece paintings. The other chamber is dark and deep with a lot a lot of odd stalactites (icicles). Many visitors came only for this restaurant to come and dine in this beautiful and unique restaurant.


Sanyou Cave Restaurant

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