Trosky Castle – Czech Republic

Unique Trosky

Trosky Castle – A beautiful Castle located about 10 km south of Semily, Czech Republic. It is the most famous Castle of Czech Republic. Compared to other defensive structures, scattered throughout Europe, it stands out for its unique location. Masons put it between two basalt columns of natural origin. Even though this work is taken away from them a lot of time and it was worth it. Fortress was terrific, but, alas, not impregnable. In the 17th century it was destroyed Swedish conquerors. Of solid walls remained only ruins. But even they are worth your attention.

Unique Castle


Trosky Czech

Trosky Czech Republic

Trosky Castle

Trosky Castle From Above

Trosky Castle Czech

Trosky Castle Czech Republic

Trosky Castle Czech Republic Beautiful View

Castle Trosky

Castle Trosky Czech

Castle Trosky Czech Republic

Beautiful Unique Trosky

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