Sinuous Transfagarasan Road – Romania

Transfagarasan Highway

Transfagarasan Road – It is Romanian Transfagarasan (National road 7C) highway Located in Romania. It is one of the most “crooked” roads in Europe. Transfagarasan road is 90 miles long. It was built as a strategic military route. Trail leads north to south through the area of ​​the South Carpathians. The most dramatic of its segment is due to full of bends, climbs and descents, in the north. There are often placed competition cyclists. The road passes through Fagaras Mountains (the highest mountains in Romania). The road carry on down on the north side in The Fagaras Depression.

Sinuous Transfagarasan Highway

Sinuous Transfagarasan Road

Sinuous Transfagarasan Romania

Sinuous Transfagarasan

Transfagarasan Road Fagaras Mountains

Transfagarasan Road


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