Cacheuta Spa- Argentina

Cacheuta Geothermal

Cacheuta Spa – Located in the foothills of Andes, Argentina. The Spa situated on the old road leading from the city of Mendoza to the Uspallata Pass above the mountains into Chile. Andes and Cacheuta area is a world famous for its geothermal springs. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists. There are resorts, Spectacular views of the hillside from the Spa, Water Sports and other activities too. To reach, you require taking a detour to get to Cacheuta. It’s best to stay at least a night to truly enjoy the mountain scenery.

Cacheuta Geothermal Spring

Cacheuta Gardens Argentine

Cacheuta Spa Andes

Cacheuta Spa Argentine

Cacheuta Beauty

Cacheuta Spa

Cacheuta Thermal Springs

Cacheuta Hot Water Thermal

Cacheuta Thermal

Cacheuta Village


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