Coron Palawan –Philippines

Beautiful Coron Island Philippines
Beautiful Coron Island Philippines 750x562 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron – A 2nd class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. It has a population of about 32,243 people in 6,264 households. The municipality covers part of Busuanga Island and all of the neighboring Coron Island. Coron Island Palawan is a wedge-shaped limestone island, with few of its coastal areas being fenced by mangrove forests. The Island has seven lakes. The Kayangan Lake is the most famous and Cleanest Lake of Philippines. It also numerous islands with beautiful white beaches and crystal clear blue waters which are perfect for snorkeling, deep sea fishing and shipwreck diving. The main businesses of Coron are fishing and tourism, being a popular diving location. The scenic views from the sunken Japanese warships off Coron Island are listed in Forbes Traveler Magazine’s top 10 best scuba diving sites in the world. Coron Palawan is the place where you will surely experience the best vacation in your life.

Palawan 750x498 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Beautiful Coron Palwan
Beautiful Coron Palwan 750x503 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron Island Palawan Philippines
Coron Island Palawan Philippines 750x503 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron Island Palawan
Coron Island Palawan 750x560 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron Island Philippines
Coron Island Philippines 750x432 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coon Island
Coron Island 750x562 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron Palawan Island
Coron Palawan Island 750x562 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron Palawan Philippines
Coron Palawan Philippines 750x503 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron Palawan
Coron Palawan 750x498 Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron Philippine
Coron Philippines Coron Palawan –Philippines

Coron Coron Palawan –Philippines

Travel Philippines Coron Palawan
Travel Philippines Coron Palawan1 750x562 Coron Palawan –Philippines

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