The El Nicho Waterfalls in Cuba

The El Nicho Waterfalls in Cuba

Rays of sunlight pierce the canopy of trees and sparkle in the misty air. The soil is rich and nourishing, providing ample food sources for birds, animals and plants alike. With tropical jungle on every side, wildlife is plentiful, and beyond the trees, the endless blue sky echoes with the call of birds which dart from branch to branch. The sounds of the forest, however, fall away behind the roaring sound of the waterfall which dominates this majestic landscape. These, are the El Nicho waterfalls.

There are many beautiful locations to behold in Cuba. And of all of them, the El Nicho waterfalls are perhaps the most awe inspiring. It’s no wonder then, that so many people each year come to Cuba specifically in search of El Nicho. The waterfalls attract visitors from all over the world, yet remain unspoilt. A shared consensus, perhaps, that something so naturally glorious deserves to be protected.

Getting to El Nicho

There are many ways to get to El Nicho, but perhaps the easiest is to book a guide. There are many local guides whose services can be employed for the day, and who are happy to take visitors up to the waterfalls for a reasonable price. You will need to rent a jeep or car to reach the base of the falls, which lie in the scenic Escambray mountain range, and from there can trek on foot to the falls. The trek itself is not arduous, but does require some stamina. Once there, however, visitors find their efforts are richly rewarded. If you’re interested in booking a holiday to Cuba so you can visit the El Nicho waterfalls, you may wish to choose one of the many Cuba holiday packages online which include transport to Trinidad or Cienfuegos.

How to Spend Your Day

The waterfalls themselves are not the only things to experience at El Nicho. At the base of the falls there is a large natural water pool which can be bathed in, or enjoyed for swimming – the perfect way to cool off after a long hike.

El Nicho also boasts beautiful nearby caves, which can be easily explored without the need for specialist equipment. The falls lie within the unspoilt El Nicho Natural Park, which is home to Cuba’s most famous national bird – the stunning Tocororo.  Your guide, if you have one, will most likely be able to tell you more about the wild inhabitants of the jungle around you, and nature enthusiasts will appreciate the presence of the knowledgeable Park Rangers.

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