Nine days trip to Rama Lake, Astour, Deosai, Skardu, Satpara, Shigar, Khaplu, Hushe and Manthokha Waterfall (Pakistan)

Deosai>Expedition Experts invites you all to an unforgettable nine days trip to Rama Lake, Astour, Deosai, Skardu, Satpara, Shigar, Khaplu, Hushe and Manthokha Waterfall. We will explore the beautiful plains of Deosai and Skardu rightly known as the ‘roof of the world’, which is nestled, against the great peaks of the Karakorum.

This mind-blowing nine days comprehensive exploration of Skardu and its surrounding areas, which includes the ancient Kharpocho Fort, Shigar Fort at the heart of the Shirgar Valley, the natural beauty of Shangrilla Resort, Manthokha waterfalls and shirgar waterfalls. We will experience the majestic sceneries and beauties of Lakes that includes Rama Lake, Satpara Lake – one of the largest fresh water lakes in Pakistan, Sheosar Lake, Kharfaq lake, Upper Katchura and Lower Katchura Lake.


****Travel plan****

Total Number of Days: 9
Dates: 20th June – 29th June
Last date to register: 02 June
Accommodation: Hoteling & Camping
Rooms on Sharing Basis
Trip cost per head:
Rs.25,000 from Islamabad
Rs 10,000/- Advance


Tour dates: 20 June – 29 June 2014

Day 1 – Departure from Islamabad (1:00 am)

Arrival & Breakfast at Chillas (09:00 am)

Departure for Rama Meadows (10:00 am)

Arrival & Dinner at Rama Meadows (07:00 pm)

Night stay at hotel, Rama Meadows.


Day 2 – Call for breakfast (07:00 am)

Exploring Rama Meadows and Rama Lake.

Departure for Sheosar Lake (Deosai Lake) (11:00 am)

Arrival at Deosai (03:00 pm)

Camp fixing, exploring the Deosai Lake and surroundings.

Dinner (08:00 pm)

Overnight Camping at Deosai.


Day 3 – Call for breakfast (08:00 am)

Exploring Deosai Plains

Departure for Skardu (03:00 pm)

Arrival and Dinner at Skardu (08:00 pm)

Night stay at hotel, SKardu.


Day 4 – Call for breakfast (07:00 am)

Exploring Skardu and surroundings (Shigar Valley Fort, and Buddhist Inscriptions)

Lunch (03:00 pm)

Arrival and dinner at Satpara.

Night stay at Hotel, Satpara.


Day 5 – Call for breakfast (07:00 am)

Exploring Satpara Lake

Departure for Khaplu (11:00 am)

Arrival and Visit to Khaplu Fort (old mosque, waterfall) (03:00 pm)

Diner & Night stay at hotel, Khaplu.


Day 6 – Call for breakfast (07:00 am)

Exploring Khaplu and visit to Manthokha Waterfalls, Kharfaq Lake, Hushe Valley and surroundings.

Dinner & night stay at hotel, Khaplu.


Day 7 – Call for breakfast (08:00 am)

Departure for Kachura (10:00 am)

Arrival at Kachura (01:00 pm)

Lunch/Activity at Lower Kachura Lake (04:00 pm)

Dinner & Night stay at hotel, Kachura.


Day 8 – Early departure to Upper Kachura (06:00 am)

Breakfast at Upper Kachura (10:00 am)

Departure for Besham (11:00 am)

Arrival & dinner at Besham (09:00 pm)

Night stay at Beshum


Day 9 – Departure from Besham to Islamabad (InshALLAH)




Quality Food
Luxury Transport

Hotel accommodation on sharing basis
Jeep Expense
Tool Taxes
WI-fi service (where available)
Basic first aid kit


Medication, evacuation and rescue etc. in emergencies
Personal insurances of clients
Laundry, beverages & phone calls or other expenses of personal nature
Extra expenses due to landslides\road blocks
Extra expenses due to the acts of nature and political reasons etc.
Any item not mentioned above

  • First come First get basis
  • Free Photography of the event
  • Females are encouraged to join
  • On Spot Payment is not acceptable
  • Littering is strictly prohibited

For Online Payment:

1) Account #: 01-710059001

Account Title : Umair Nawaz

Bank Name : Standard Charted Bank


Account #: 23397900369003

Account Title: Muhammad Awais Latif

Bank Name: Habib Bank Ltd.


2) By Hand Payment;

Umair Nawaz # 03215096562

Awais Latif # 03335387702


Contact us for more Information & Registration:

Umair Nawaz # 03215096562

Awais Latif # 03335387702



****Limited Seats are being offered and the dues paid are non-refundable in any case whatsoever.

*****Company Administration will not be responsible for the any accident, injury, loss, damage or any other mishap occurred during event.

*****On adventure trip of this type, any unforeseen events such as weather, transport problem or a multitude of other factors beyond the control of organizers can result in a change of travel plan.

*****Time schedule can be altered and managed according to situation please.


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