Five Fabulous Attractions in the World

We are living in a beautiful world indeed. The earth is a beautiful natural collage with lots of phenomenon creatures, amazing features and spectacular scenery that seems to be almost out of this world .These ranges from majestic mountains to mysterious caves and beautiful island as well as jaw dropping water falls, colourful landscapes to overwhelming water bodies such as lakes, waterfalls, seas, oceans, rivers not to mention deserts and the list is endless. One simply needs to travel out of the cities to be able to explore some of these spectacular natural attractions and have some up close and personal experience with their natural surroundings. Therefore, some of the world’s most fabulous natural attractions out there that will definitely leave every enthusiastic traveller and any passionate tourist reeling with some beautiful memories comprises of places such as:

  • Lake Hillier in Australia:

Situated in Australia, lake Hillier is an out of this world beautiful occurrence that people certainly needs to settle their eyes on. This lake which is rather a rare oddity is pink in colour. A phenomenon that even scientist have not able to explain yet. Interestingly, this water remains pink even on a different container and neither does it have any adverse effects to its users. The scene is indeed fabulous if not amazing.

    Pink Lake Hillier
    Lake Hillier

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  • The Iguazu Falls:

This is feature is considered one of the great natural wonders of this world. Situated at the border between Brazil and Argentina, this water fall consists of about 275 falls along the Iguazu River. The majority of the falls are about 210 ft. in height, with the most impressive of them being the Devils throat, a U shaped 82 meter high and about 150 meter wide and a 700 meter long water fall. They contain over 2000 species of plants, 70 species of mammals and about 400 species of birds.

The Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

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  • HaLong Bay:

Situated in the Gulf of TonKin, this bay consist of about 1,600 separate islands and islets, forming a spectacular sea scape of numerous limestone pillars. However, these islands are inhabited much as the area presents a very fabulous feel and a beautiful serene complemented by the oceanic appearance. The bay is known to feature thousands of limestone karst and isles in various forms, shapes and sizes. This lime stone bay is believed to have undergone formation through millions of years. A Long bay is therefore home to about 14 endemic floral species and about 60 endemic fauna species. However, historical evidence indicated the presence of prehistoric beings thousands of years ago.

HaLong Bay
Halong Bay Vietnam


  • Mount Everest:

At about 8,848 meters in height. Mount Everest is actually the highest mountain on Earth. It is locate at the border between Nepal and Tibet. This mountain is not only fabulous in its appearance, but it is also known to attract climbers to try and explore such high altitudes. Basically, this mountain is known to attract an interesting ecosystem around it as well

    Mount Everest
    Mount Everest

  • The Grand Canyon:

Nestled in Northern Arizona, this fabulous deep gorge is actually one of the largest natural tourist attractions in the United States. The Canyon which is known to have been curve over several millions of years by the Colorado river attaining a depth of about 1.6 Km and a length of about 446 km long. The Grand Canyon is indeed one of the most interesting canyons from its overwhelming size, its intricate design and colourful land scape that presents visitors with a rather spectacular appearance that is unmatched thought the entire globe.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Therefore, if you are a discerning traveller you need not only to seek for an Esta Vista to travel to states to be able to experience some of the most fabulous natural attractions, but a tour to the sites above, will present you with a very fulfilling and of course a memorable experience to boot.

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