Bermuda Triangle – North Atlantic Ocean

This world is full of enigmatic places which remained unsolved or controversial. There is an uncertainty attached with their names and the travellers do think twice and consider doing their homework before traveling. One such place to be such unfathomable and panic-stricken zone of the sea world is Bermuda Triangle. The mystery attached with the zone made it the most highlighted issue about which the researches has been initiated, several books have been written, a lot has been discussed, theories have been given and even a lot has been made up as well.

The Bermuda triangle is also known as devil’s triangle. The mythical zone includes a triangle with a specified area of 500,000 square meters between Puerto Rico, Miami and Bermuda on Atlantic Ocean. The name has not been recognized by the US Board of Geographic Names, still the hype continues. This zone is claimed with the mysterious disappearance of air fleets, ships, boats and cruises. It is said that the ships and planes lose their contact with the control room and disappear with nothing left behind.

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

There are several theories that have been linked with the Bermuda Triangle including the zone been the site for paranormal activities, aliens being involved and other supernatural factors being responsible for the disappearances. The natural phenomena that have been used to resolve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle includes compass variations, Gulf Stream, human error, violent weather and Methane hydrates.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery
Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The phenomenon of compass variation has been reported to occur in the time of Christopher Columbus. It is said that the ships and planes lose their way because compass points at actual north rather than magnetic north. This misleads the travellers and the ship or plane is bound to lose their way. The magnetic attraction and electronic fog are the other given explanations.

Several researchers have worked on the Bermuda Triangle. Larry Kusche a research librarian from Arizona State University was the first to break the hype of Bermuda Triangle through his book “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved (1975)”. He criticized the related sensationalized stories. The research shows that the number of the reported incidents is no more than any other specified zone of ocean. Most of the stories were made up to gain the attention of people. Another argument against the Bermuda Triangle mystery was taken up by the fact that everyday several ships and planes travel through the region. The number of ships or places that have encountered some mishap is very low as compared to those who pass through the controversial zone.

The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle
Anyhow still many TV channels, organizations and people kept supporting the deadly hype of Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle still remains controversial. The place has been covered in several movies and documentaries. The names of a few movies with Bermuda Triangle as the central idea include Satan’s Triangle, The Bermuda Triangle (1978), The Triangle (2001) and the TV miniseries The Triangle (2005). The name Bermuda triangle has been also used as a ride name in a Sea World amusement park on the Gold Coast (Australia). The Bermuda Triangle due to the attached history is still a name that triggers the feeling of danger and panic in the travellers.

Devil’s Triangle
Devil's Triangle

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