The Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame – Los Angeles (U.S.A)

As said by E.M.Staurt about the purpose of Hollywood Walk of Fame is to “maintain the glory of a community whose name means glamour and excitement in the four corners of the world”. E.M.Staurt is the man behind Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is located in Los Angeles, California (USA).

Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles

The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame at the moment embraces more than 2,500 five-pointed stars which are embedded in the walkway of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street of Hollywood. The total area on which the Hollywood Walk of Fame runs is 5 miles comprised of 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks of Vine Street. The Walk of Fame is under the supervision of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Hollywood Historic Trust.

Hollywood Walk of Fame United States

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a place to pay tribute to the famous personalities mainly of entertainment industry i.e. actors, musicians, directors, producers, musical and theatrical groups, fictional characters, and others. The permanent public monuments are a great source of entertainment for the people on the walkway.

There are several entertainment categories under which the stars are places including Classic film camera representing motion pictures, Television receiver representing broadcast television, Phonograph record representing audio recording or music and Radio microphone representing broadcast radio. The specific icon represents a particular category. The embedded stars are made of terrazzo and brass.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles USA

There is also a special category of stars that includes the names of famous corporate entities, service organizations, and special honorees. The fictional character stars also another interesting category of Hollywood Walk of Fame. The fictional stars placed here include Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Woody Woodpecker, Snow White, Tinker Bell, Winnie-the-Pooh, Shrek, The Simpsons, and the Rugrats.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a popular tourist destination since 1958. There is an increase in number of tourists with the number increasing each year and rested on about 10 million visitors per year. The visitors enjoy reading the names of the familiar stars both old and current. The place is a great source of entertainment. There are several shops, eating places and studios along the walkways.

The Google rating for the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame is 4.3 stars. The only thing that needs some attention is the cleanliness in the far parts of Hollywood Walk of Fame. The place offers a simple way of getting connected to the stars you love and indeed is an amazing place to be when in Los Angeles.

Charles Chaplin

Cheryl Hines

Michael Jackson Name

Ricky Martin

Robin Williams Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Sandra Bullock

Sphia Loren

Walk of Fame Hollywood

Walk of Fame

Winnie The Pooh

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