The Rolling Bridge – London (England)

One of the most exciting architectural pieces of London includes the rolling or the curling bridge. If you are someone who is a fan of modern architecture and advancing technology, visit to the Rolling Bridge and you won’t be disappointed. The rolling bridge is located in Paddington Basin, London.

The Rolling Bridge

The Rolling Bridge also won “British Structural Steel Design Award” in 2005. The idea of the Curling or rolling bridge was conceived by a talented British designer Thomas Heatherwick. The idea was completed with the help of SKM Anthony Hunt, Packman Lucas and construction by Littlehampton Welding Ltd. The hydraulic design was developed and finalized by Primary Fluid Power Ltd in the North West. The construction of the Rolling Bridge was completed in 2005.

Rolling Bridge London

The total length of the Rolling Bridge is 12 meters. The Rolling Bridge has eight triangular sections which are hinged at the level of the walking path. The triangular sections are further connected with two-part links which help in curling with the help of hydraulic cylinders. The maintenance of the Rolling Bridge is under the supervision of Merchant Square Estates.

Rolling Bridge Passage

The Rolling Bridge curls every Friday at 12 pm. The site of rolling is quite a fascinated one. The steel bridge curls and forms an octagonal shape. The curling process is a gradual process that takes time and you can easily take photos. Tourists visit the architectural marvel and take photos while the curling is in action.

Rolling Bridge

The Google rating for the Rolling Bridge is 4.6 stars. Most of the people find the Rolling Bridge exciting and review it as a unique concept. The site of bridge rolling over the canal with high glass made office buildings is amusing as well as pictorial. If you are planning to visit London, don’t miss the curling site of Rolling Bridge on Friday noon.

The Rolling Bridge London

Photo Source: Wikimedia, Flickr, Occupyactionscape, Passages-ivm, Weshallobtaindeliveringgrace

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